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Your sustainability strategy. From ambition to action. One step at a time.

If you’re a company looking to boost your sustainability expertise or a sustainability expert looking to widen your portfolio of work, Greenpertise is the talent ecosystem for you.

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Floating island with a camp in a forest, and a Greenpertise flag on top of a mountain


We are a sustainability talent ecosystem delivering world class experts to private companies.  We deliver short-term experts on demand to ensure the security, success and survival of our future generations.

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We boost the financial security and flexibility of our experts.

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We enable the success of sustainability professionals tackling complex regulation.

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We encourage leaders to think long-term for our future generations.

Our Matching Solution

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We welcome strategists and specialists across a wide range of sustainability areas. We match you with private companies for research, advisory and/or training short-term projects. Join our inclusive ecosystem to access our client projects.

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We carve sustainability information pathways for our private sector clients. We match them with top talent and tools to implement short term projects in sustainability. Access our diverse ecosystem of experts to turn your sustainability ambition into action.

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Our Expert Ecosystem

A diverse and inclusive expert ecosystem on sustainability issues.

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Environment Expert

Climate Change


Circular Economy


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Social Expert

Human Rights

Human Resources

Customer Relations

Supply Chain

Local Community

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Governance Expert

Cyber Security


Data Ethics

Conduct and Culture

Corporate Governance

Discover Our Experts

Strategic minds, specialist skills: driving sustainable change together.

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Sector Strategist
Business, finance, social science or communications degree
Broad knowledge across ESG topics
Deep expertise in one sector
Financial literacy skills
Ability to plan sustainable futures
Project management experience
ESG data tool know-how
Effective communication skills
Strong sustainability values

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Topic Specialist
Natural or social science degree
Deep knowledge in one sustainability topic
Mastery of methodologies
Active thought leadership
ESG data tool know-how
Project management experience
Effective communication skills
Strong sustainability values

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About Us

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What is Greenpertise?

Greenpertise is a sustainability talent ecosystem funded by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH. We are an HR Tech platform, matching private companies with top sustainability experts in order to accelerate the sustainability transition, one step at a time.


Our ambition is to become the most trusted sustainability talent ecosystem for the private sector, globally.


We deliver short-term sustainability experts on demand to ensure the security, success and survival of our future generations.

We care for the People behind the sustainability Transition.

We promote equality of outcome in our new work ecosystem.


We respect nature and its regenerative power on society.


We value competency of decision-makers in the sustainability transition.

Meet the Team

Darshini Waibel

Darshini Waibel

Chief Executive Officer

Darshini is a lawyer and economist by training, with 20 years ́ experience in regulatory ecosystems at the international, EU and national levels. She started her career at the World Bank, where she managed a global pool of experts. At UBS, she analysed and advocated on EU financial regulation and sustainability. In the UK government, she led an industry secretariat to expand the use of dormant financial assets for social and environmental causes. She currently advises climate and social tech start-ups in Europe.

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Jacqueline Kressner

Jacqueline Kressner

Chief Commercial Officer

Jacqueline has over 10 years’ experience in business development in finance and impact tech. She founded Femcy, a femtech app, which was acquired in 2021. Previously, she launched Sports Illustrated Asia in the Philippines and prior to this, she covered the largest financial institutions in the Nordics and Benelux region at Man Group.

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Christine Helmel profile picture version 2.

Christine Helmel

Head of Operations

With a rich professional history, Christine has garnered extensive experience overseeing entire product lines, from communications, product and project management, innovation, to human resources. Her academic emphasis on People and Culture Management, along with Sustainability Management and Circular Economy, inspires her to actively contribute to meaningful projects.

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Strategic Partners

We value each strategic partnership from sustainability data providers, private equity firms, trade associations to law firms. Together, we support the role of sustainability professionals, globally.

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Eleni Lialiamou

Eleni Lialiamou

Kimolian Academy

"Greenpertise helps us deliver concrete social impact as it provides a conduit to the workplace for the experienced graduates of the Kimolian Academy. We empower women to produce tech-enabled products with an impact lens."

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Expert Reviews

Brendan Curran
Brendan Curran

Sustainable Finance

"Greenpertise helped me find an exciting research project for a startup launching a new carbon marketplace."

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Béatrice Methe
Béatrice Methe

Sustainable Investment

"As a sustainability strategist, I went to Greenpertise to build a team of specialists for a medium sized financial services institution."

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Harsheenee Aujayeb
Harsheenee Aujayeb

Sustainability Strategy

"The language of sustainability is data. Greenpertise helped me identify a data tool to screen ESG risks more quickly among my portfolio of client projects."

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Olivia Falkenstein
Olivia Falkenstein

Sustainability Strategy

"Greenpertise is currently helping me leverage my expertise and focus on the tech sector in new geographic markets."

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Rachel Gavey
Dr. Rachel Gavey

Decarbonisation strategy

"Greenpertise helped the client define their key needs and drivers, which helped us to shape our proposal, simplifying the process and save us time."

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Shreyash Ranjan
Shreyash Ranjan

ESG Data Strategy

"A short term project with Greenpertise helped me bridge a gap between two jobs and broaden my sustainability experience. Every project is a new learning experience."

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Client Reviews

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WPK by Püttmann

Leena Haake,

Chief Marketing Officer

"Greenpertise guided us through complex EU sustainability disclosure regulations. This will help us define the sustainability talent and tools we need in the future."

Circular Economy Innovation Partnership Logo
Circular Economy Innovation Partnership

Dr. Natalie Beinisch,

Executive Director

"I can trust Greenpertise to deliver top quality climate experts very quickly. The Greenpertise team responded to my urgent request very efficiently."


Andy Creak,

Chief Executive Officer

"I would highly recommend the Greenpertise team to other organisations, who are dealing with complex messages and disparate data sources, to construct clear strategic steps and gather the team to make it happen."


We are here to answer and address your needs.


Let's Talk Sustainability

Whether you have a specific inquiry or just want to drop us a message, we're eager to hear from you. Feel free to reach out via email or schedule a call at your convenience.

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